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New Products!

I have been super busy this week getting new products added to the store! With the help of my support team, we've kind of rounded a curve in the direction things are going in, as well. You may have noticed the new products are no longer just a simple image but that there is an accompanying pun slogan to go along with the art. Like this Adjustable Tote that says Lagom: Embrace the Zen of Being Average. We hope you like it!

I am quickly discovering how difficult it is to add a lot of product to an online in a short amount of time. I love a lot of the art and designs, but there is a limit to how much I create, edit, and publish to the site in a single day. All I can say is that you should check back often because there can be anywhere from 2-8 new designs added daily! Like this Weekender Tote that says Whiskers on Fleek: Cattitude Adjustment Needed.

While I have managed to get a few Hispanic-inspired ideas, American-inspired ideas, and even Swedish-inspired ideas published this week, some of my favorites have been the pet-inspired art and the Jewish-inspired art and puns. There really is a lot to pick from, though, and for now, the number of choices are only going to keep expanding! With that, I will leave with what is probably my most favorite design thus far, Yenta-preneur: Jew-nique and Fabulous!

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