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It's hard to believe that it is already midsummer. It seems like just a few weeks ago we were dealing with the cold, dark, dreariness of winter. But along with the longer days, sustained natural lighting, and fresh blooms comes fresh inspiration. It also helps that I have recently received a new art supplies haul in the mail!

While there are some supplies that I am happier with than others, the main goal I have had with ordering new supplies has been to be able to create a plein air kit for myself. My dog loves to be able to spend time in the warm sun outdoors in the middle of the day and I would love to be able to take him to a dog park on the weekends and still be able to get some kind of "work" done. Even just spending 30 minutes or so in the yard around midday would be great for both of us. So we're working on that!

I don't really want to share images of my messy creation space right now - but I am also working on getting that more organized and manageable, so maybe one day in the future :)

I am still trying to keep up with my promise of new styles every week, but this is a holiday week, so I might not get something up before the holiday. Don't worry, I have a LOT in the queue, so there is definitely more coming! And you should still feel VERY free to let me know if there is something you want to see. I will do my best to create something that honors your vision.

So this is me wishing you all the very best midsummer celebration possible! May your day be blessed :)

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